Rob Zombie shares wild new fan art for his upcoming film

Check out this killer ”Munsters” fan art!

Rob Zombie is back on Instagram with some super cool new fan art featuring his upcoming adaptation of The Munsters. The shock rocker-turned-horror filmmaker has been busy in Budapest since last summer creating the new iteration of the classic IP. Now, Zombie has shared some wild new fan art featuring the cast of his film.

It’s safe to assume that Rob Zombie stays as close to the original property as possible. Almost every detail he shared is an exact replica of what was seen in the original TV series. While the original series only lasted two seasons, it has produced a number of television specials, spin-offs, and feature films over the past 60 years.

To verify The Munsters fan art here by Pete Bregman:

Zombie is a tried and true household horror name. Beyond his long musical career, he has already produced a handful of highly controversial classics of the genre. Critically Acclaimed House of 1000 Corpses and the 2007 remake of Halloweenfor example, remain extremely polarizing to this day.

The original cast of Munsters starred Fred Gwynne, Yvonne de Carlo, Beverly Owen, Butch Patrick and Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster. Together, the band played the average American nuclear family…except for the fact that they were literal freaks.

The Munsters - 'The Munsters': Rob Zombie shares wild new fan art for the upcoming reboot

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