Shane Helms slams wrestling rumor sites in extraordinary rant

Current WWE backstage worker Shane Helms has taken to social media to attack ‘sheets of dirt’ and fans who can’t get enough of their rumors

Shane Helms Behind The Scenes Cropped

In an extraordinary social media rant, WWE producer Shane Helms called the content of the rumors on wrestling websites “behind the scenes of the rumor mill horses ** t”

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In a series of tweets, former Hurricane Hemsley begged people to stop reading behind-the-scenes rumors because if they did, they would likely end up enjoying the show more. He added that there doesn’t seem to be as much behind-the-scenes insider information frenzy for other TV shows.

“I promise all wrestling fans, if you stop investing in that ‘behind-the-scenes’ rumor mill horses ** t, you’ll enjoy pro wrestling much more. Imagine paying so much backstage attention with movies. and other TV shows? Why ?? So stupid, “Shane Helms tweeted. (h / t Sportskeeda)

I promise all wrestling fans, if you stop investing in this “behind the scenes” rumor, you’ll enjoy Pro Wrestling much more. Imagine paying so much attention to “behind the scenes shit” with movies and other TV shows? Why?? So stupid.

– Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) November 7, 2021

His tweet was in response to an article posted on a popular cultural site detailing the alleged behind-the-scenes shots of several of the recently released WWE Superstars.

What happened after Shane Helms went after the wrestling rumors?

He has since clarified the initial tweets on several occasions, indicating that he is not attacking fans for wanting to learn more about the fight, but in particular the few selected wrestling sites that peddle unconfirmed or incorrect reports, as well. that click bait.

He has also defended himself against people suggesting that shows like The Talking Dead have indicated that there is a general thirst for behind-the-scenes, behind-the-scenes and inside information about while saying The Talking Dead is dealing with its source material. , The Walking Dead, with positivity and respect when most behind-the-scenes wrestling rumors websites don’t.

Several of the tweets following the initial tweet above showed Helms calling the coverage of the websites of the tweet itself and how some of them sensationalized what he said.

“Watch out for sites that get defensive about what I tweet. A scalded dog will cry. They will attack us all for anything, but how dare we stand up for the business, not just a business, that we love? Oh well what can you do? I will always be my happy and positive self, ”he tweeted.

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