Sinister Metroid Dread Fan Art Captures The Terror Of The Game’s Toughest Foes

A stunning piece of fan art faithfully captures the striking terror of EMMI, one of the main opponents of the beloved Metroid Dread.

A recently published article Terror Metroid fan art perfectly captures the terror of the game’s hyper-advanced killing machines known as EMMI

The image, created by Twitter user @jqvarr, features franchise protagonist Samus Aran prowling in the shadows accompanied by an EMMI stalking her in the background. The art faithfully recreates the power armor worn by the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter in Terror Metroid, while the robot behind her appears to be the white and black variant that appears at the start of the game. The artist explains that the piece took her hours to complete and was composed both on and off of Twitch, where she broadcast his progress.

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Fans of Terror Metroid will no doubt recognize the grim image of EMMI, which stands for Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier. These deadly machines, which have been used extensively to promote the game in various trailers, have been performing throughout Terror Metroidthe world. When Samus comes into contact with an EMMI, she is relentlessly pursued until she breaks eye contact or escapes through special armored doors. Different variations are discovered as players venture across the vast map of the planet ZDR. Some may just be faster while others are able to fire a close range taser that temporarily stuns Samus.

@jqvarr is a Twitch artist and streamer who has previously created fan art for several popular video games. Beyond Terror Metroid, she designed and illustrated pieces on Hollow Knight, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pikmin. During her streams, she guides viewers through her creative process. Impressions of the Terror Metroid Fan art is available on the INPRNT page of @jqvarr.

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Released in 2021, Terror Metroid is the latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running franchise. Players step into the adaptive boots of Samus Aran who sets out on a quest to investigate a mysterious signal emitted by the planet ZDR. Upon landing, she loses consciousness and wakes up to find her costume stripped of all of its power. As they journey through the underground environments, players will discover many new skills and weapons while defeating hordes of deadly enemies.

Terror Metroid received almost universal praise from fans and critics alike who praised the game’s level design, combat, and visuals. The action-adventure title was so successful it was been nominated for Game of the Year at the 2021 Game Awards, ultimately losing to It takes two.

Terror Metroid is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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