Sith Yoda wields five lightsabers in jaw-dropping Star Wars fan art


Sebastián Píriz’s new fan art imagines Yoda as a Sith warrior, trading his acrobatic combat style for a Force-based lightsaber technique.

New fan art from Star warsYoda imagine the Jedi leader as a Sith, wielding five lightsabers via the power of the Force. The art comes from professional comic artist Sebastián Píriz, who redesigned one of the franchise’s most iconic heroes as a adherent of the dark side while also advocating for this transformation from Star warsown tradition.

A longtime Jedi already respected in the days of the High Republic but living to see the rise of the Empire, Yoda’s wisdom and incredible abilities as a Jedi did not prevent him from having some very limitations. human. While he would later advise Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to choose growth over dogma as a Force ghost, the ideas of Yoga grew out of immense mistakes. Not only did Yoda mishandle Anakin Skywalker, lose his apprentice Count Dooku on the dark side, and offer questionable advice to Luke during his lifetime, but his influence reshaped the Jedi Order and its attitude to the Force, leaving it ripe. for destruction by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.


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Yoda has suffered both triumph and failure over the course of his long life, but a new art shared on Twitter by Sebastián Píriz imagines Yoda not as an imperfect Jedi, but as a terrifying Sith. The art shows a mottled-skinned Yoda with jet black eyes, dressed in purple robes and crackling with power. In the air above him are five lightsabers of different colors, their variety implying that – like other villains before him – the Sith Yoda take Jedi weapons as trophies upon their defeat. The art is accompanied by two quotes from Star wars, contrasting with Yoda, “Do or don’t, there’s no trying,” from The Empire Strikes Back with Obi-Wan Kenobi Revenge of the Sith Quote, “Only a Sith deals in absolute terms.” It’s a funny juxtaposition of feelings that indirectly accuses Yoda of rigid, control-oriented Sith thinking, offering an indication of where his transformation into this dark new form might have started.

In addition to creating amazing character portraits of characters from Marvel’s Moon Knight at Star trekby Jean-Luc Picard, Sebastián Píriz is the talented artist behind projects like Black beacon and the recently launched We ride titans. While Píriz is adept at breathing new life into existing characters and costumes, the particular thrill of reimagining the Jedi as Sith (and vice versa) brings out surprising but cohesive elements of their character. Star wars fans saw Yoda fight in the Prequel Trilogy and High Republic comics, his tiny form allowing for incredible stunts that, combined with a lightsaber blade, make him a truly formidable opponent. So it’s fascinating to see the swaddled Sith Yoda seemingly heading the other way, using the Force to wield multiple lightsabers. It’s a change that brings the love of Sith power to the fore, but also offers Yoda’s involvement as a completely different type of deadly dervish – the unreachable eye in a storm of blades.

As the High Republic Era continues to explore Yoda’s story and his journey to guide the Jedi Order, fans see him as both a hero and a deeply flawed individual – whose actions and beliefs are tied to the very fate of the Galaxy. Ultimately, Yoda’s real transformation is that Star wars fans want to follow, but there will be a few who don’t have at least some interest in imagining what it would take to Yoda instead, take control of the Sith.

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Source: Sebastián Píriz


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