Society6’s Pixar collaboration can make movie fans’ dreams come true

If you’re a Disney and Pixar fan, or know someone who is, you definitely don’t want to miss Society6’s latest collaboration with Pixar. The licensed collection offers fun, colorful and – dare I say it – chic interior design options from some of your favorite movies like “Monster’s Inc.”, “Toy Story”, “Ratatouille” and “Up”.

It can be hard to find a cute home decor that showcases your favorite animated movies, without looking cheesy or childish, but Society6 has certainly given Pixar fans some great options.

To celebrate some of Disney’s most popular Pixar movies, the artist-driven online marketplace has released amazing wall art, throw pillows, mugs, blankets, tapestries and more that you’ll love.

Note: Almost all of the artwork you see is probably made in a dozen different variations: take-out mugs, shower curtains, quilts, and more.

You’ll find images of the iconic grape soda in ‘Up’, some of your most beloved ‘Toy Story’ characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody, framed artwork inspired by Ratatouille, and awesome backdrop featuring quotes from “Monster’s Inc.”

Each piece is designed by independent artists – many of whom are big Disney and Pixar fans in their own right – and made to order, and as an added bonus, every purchase made pays an artist.

Monsters Inc.

1. Impression “There is more to life than frightening”, $ 15, original price: $ 19

This colorful and fun print is sure to inspire you every time you look at it.

Note: All prices for framed prints and murals vary depending on the size you choose.

2. “Mike Print” Throw, $ 44, original price: $ 55

"Mike Print" Blanket

Cozy up on the sofa while you watch your favorite Pixar movies this fall and winter with this Mike-themed throw.

3. “We Are Afraid Because We Care” Mini Framed Art Print, $ 20, original price: $ 25

"We are afraid because we care" Mini Framed Art Print

If you are looking for a pop of color in your gallery wall or want a chic mini art print to decorate your little one’s room, this “We Scare Because We Care” option is great.

4. “Chill Together” Framed Art Print, $ 49, original price: $ 61

 "Relax together" Framed art print

We also love this “Chill Together” framed art print.

5. “Monsters Inc.” Art print, $ 15, original price: $ 19

"Monsters Inc." Art print

This adorable but trendy “Monster’s Inc.” the inspired print is fun yet subtle.

Toy story

1. Cushion “You are my favorite assistant”, $ 24, original price: $ 30

"You are my favorite assistant" Cousin

If you have a soft spot for Woody, you will definitely love this fun pillow that says “You are my favorite assistant”.

2. “Buzz Lightyear” cover, $ 44, original price: $ 55

"Buzz Lightning" Blanket

This creative Buzz Lightyear blanket will cheer you and your Pixar loving friends up after a long day.

3. “Yeehaw for Naps” Art Print, $ 15, original price: $ 19

"Yeehaw for naps" Art print

This subtle print that features Jessie and Bullseye would be adorable above your child’s bed.


1. “Up” Throw Pillow, $ 24, original price: $ 30

"Up" Cousin

Inspire inner adventure with this fun scene from “Up” printed on a pillow.

2. “Raisin soda” coffee mug, $ 14, original price: $ 17

"Raisin soda" Cup of coffee

Grape soda anyone !?

3. “Kevin Aquarelle” Framed Print, $ 35, original price: $ 44

"Kevin Watercolor" Framed art print

If you love the movie “Up” but don’t want to clutter your space with cheesy home decor, consider this beautiful watercolor wall art piece that depicts Kevin.

4. “Reading Chairs” Framed Art Print, $ 35, original price: $ 44

"Reading chairs" Framed art print

If you have a reading nook, this ‘Up’ inspired print of the character’s reading chairs would decorate that space nicely.

5. “Carl” Art Print, $ 15, original price: $ 19

"Carl" Art print

This impression of Carl will surely remind you to believe in yourself.


1. Cushion “Ratatouille shoes”, $ 24, original price: $ 30

"Ratatouille shoes" Cousin

If you’re a Ratatouille fan, you’ll love this imagery of the character’s shoes displayed on a cushion.

2. Mini Art Print “Ratatouille Plating”, $ 20, original price: $ 25

"Ratatouille veneer" Mini art print

We also love this mini art print that shows Remy the Rat playing a delicious meal.

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Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + bundle

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