Spy x Family’s Yor Gets Colorful In Gorgeous Stained Glass Fan Art

Yor Forger, the Spy x Family assassin known as Thorn Princess, is reimagined as a stained glass masterpiece in new fan art.

A colorful piece of Spy x Family fan art transforms the Forger family matriarch into a stained glass masterpiece.

The artwork, which was uploaded to Reddit by user windsketchy, features Yor in her assassin persona Thorn Princess with her weapons drawn and ready to strike. The background is both vibrant and intricate with gold and black lines giving dimension to a myriad of colorful panels. Spy x Family isn’t the only anime series for which windsketchy has created impressive fan art; their account also features pieces that celebrate Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and A play.

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Spy x Family is one of the biggest hits of the Spring 2022 anime season, a fact which is exemplified by the plethora of fan-made content for the series, including gorgeous cosplays and fan art mashups with other popular anime. In addition, merchandising companies take advantage ‘Spy x Family’Huge popularity for selling all kinds of products Fast fashion retailer Uniqlo recently launched a special line of t-shirts based on the series, and Bandai is launching a new Tamagotchi device that lets users raise their very own Anya.

Adapted from the hit manga series of the same name by Tatsuya Endo, Spy x Family is a collaboration between Wit Studio (Ranking of kings) and CloverWorks (Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia). It tells the story of the Forger family – Loid, a surprisingly empathetic super spy with impressive combat and information-processing abilities; Yor, a caring but absent-minded woman who is actually a deadly assassin; and Anya, a young woman who can read other people’s minds – and their goofy adventures. While the anime has many intense and action-packed sequences, Spy x Family also highlights many healthy interactions between the three tracks.

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The anime is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who previously worked on Hunter X Hunter and Rurouni Kenshinwith Shoji Hata (The Bride of the Ancient Magus) and Akane Fushihara (sonny boy) serving as sound and cinematographers respectively. It stars Atsumi Tanezaki (Mob Psycho 100) as Anya, Saori Hayami (The honor student at Magic High School) like Yor and Takuya Eguchi (Tokyo avengers) as Loid.

An English dub for Spy x Family was announced shortly after the anime’s debut. The cast includes the voice talents of Alex Organ (my hero academia), Megan Shipman (Attack on Titan: The Final Season) and Natalie Van Sixtine (Moriarty the Patriot).

Spy x Family can be streamed on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Source: Reddit

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