Star Wars Fan Art Imagines the Heroes of Kingdom Hearts as Jedi

Fans have been speculating for months about a possible Kingdom Hearts/Star Wars crossover, and one artist has beautifully illustrated the concept.

kingdom hearts 4 could present a world based on star warsand a fan latched onto this concept to create a stunning piece of fan art imagining Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora and Riku as Jedi Masters.

Fan artist BK-Works (@BlackenedKrono) recently showed off his Kingdom Hearts/star wars cross art on Twitter. The art features the series’ protagonist, Sora, back-to-back with a childhood friend, occasional rival, and lifelong friend. Kingdom Hearts star Riku, each adorned in traditional Jedi robes and wielding lightsabers. Sora’s is a traditional Jedi blue, while Riku’s is a Mace Windu purple. BK-Works says the character designs were done in collaboration with fellow fan artist LessSan (@LessSanArt).

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Kingdom Hearts fans were convinced that a star wars the world is heading towards the series since the first trailer of kingdom hearts 4 has been freed. It’s because of Kingdom Hearts 4The more grounded art style of , which would lend itself more to a live-action series than the traditionally cartoonish style of the rest of the series. Kingdom Hearts veered into live action a few times with worlds based on Pirates of the Caribbean and tronbut they always looked a bit strange.

As one might expect, the prospect of a star wars world in Kingdom Hearts was particularly alluring to fan artists. One of the main Connection fans noted that both series feature iconic and modular blades – star wars has lightsabers, while Kingdom Hearts has keyblades. This prompted a fan artist to create a painting of star wars– Inspired keyblades.

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Fans have created several different versions of what a star wars the world would look like Kingdom Hearts. Whether or not anyone gets the chance to explore the Death Star or swing keyblades at Kylo Ren, the concept of a crossover between the two beloved series has already sparked tons of exceptionally fan-made creations. well made and beautiful.

kingdom hearts 4 still doesn’t have a release date or planned platforms – fans will have to wait to hear any news from Disney and Square Enix. More BK-Works artwork can be found on their Twitter account, @BlackenedKrono.

Source: Twitter

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