Stranger Things Fan Art Imagines Eddie Munson Returning As A Vampire

Inspired by an incredibly popular theory from Season 5 of Stranger Things, the new fan art imagines beloved character Eddie Munson returning as a vampire.

Warning! Contains spoilers for stranger things season 4

Inspired by a popular stranger things theory, the new fan art imagines the much-loved character of Eddie Munson returning as a vampire. With its highly anticipated Season 4 finally hitting screens earlier this summer, audiences have returned in droves to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, making stranger things Season 4 Netflix’s most watched English language show. Season 4 saw the return of the show’s beloved ensemble cast, while also introducing a host of new faces as the gang clashed with the evil Vecna.


However, Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson, the lovable leader of Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons club, received the warmest welcome from these new faces. The season focused on Eddie, who was reviled by the citizens of Hawkins after he was mistakenly suspected of being behind Vecna’s gruesome murder spree. Eddie’s story culminated with an epic performance of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” before he was attacked by a horde of debats in a heroic moment of self-sacrifice. Having immediately established himself as one of the most beloved characters of all strange things, various tributes have since emerged for Eddie, with many hoping they haven’t seen the last of him yet.

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With social media leading the way with intense support for Quinn’s character, fans have now shared some of their fantasy art inspired by a popular stranger things Season 5 fan theory. The various artworks imagine Eddie as a vampire, each depicting him with different vampiric characteristics. Each of the pieces also show Eddie in his now-iconic Hellfire Club t-shirt, with some even imagining him with gigantic wings, and one imagining him returning as a demobat, rather than a full-fledged vampire. Check out the different works of art below.

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The art is directly inspired by a popular fan theory that has started to swirl across social media in recent weeks that Eddie’s dramatic death sequence might actually lead to something more. The theory suggests that Eddie could return to stranger things season 5 as Vecna’s right-hand man from D&D lore, Kas the Vampire, a character who was briefly mentioned during the Hellfire club’s D&D session in one of the previous episodes of season 4. Although the theory remains purely speculative at this point, with many hoping to see Eddie appear in some capacity in stranger things season 5, with a petition calling for his return having recently surpassed 75,000 signatures.

These brilliant pieces of fan art certainly pose an interesting direction for stranger things season 5 to enter, although as it stands, there’s no telling if audiences will see Eddie return. However, there is still some time before audiences can expect stranger things season 5 hits screens, as the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, recently confirmed they’ll begin writing it next month. For now, it remains to be seen if they will heed the unprecedented level of support Eddie has received since his debut, or if they simply had a plan for an undead Eddie all along.

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