‘Stranger Things’ star shares adorable but heartbreaking fan art

Warning: this article contains spoilers for stranger things 4 2nd volume.

stranger things 4 got off to a dark start with the death of Chrissy Cunningham. Although she was killed at the end of the first episode, the cheerleader’s death hit fans hard due to her great chemistry with Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). In the wake of the new tragedy in the just-released second batch of season four, Chrissy star Grace Van Dien took to Twitter to share some adorable but heartbreaking fan art that offers a glimpse of a another timeline we wish to see.

Spoiler to follow!

Whereas ST4 Ended with Eddie also meeting a sad demise, Van Dien moved fans by posting this AU artwork that imagines a timeline where Eddie and Chrissy survived and graduated together. The shiny piece, originally created by @buriedbloom, takes the form of a Polaroid shot of the duo, happily flipping the bird in front of the camera in their graduation gowns. “Class of ’86 baby”, the art is captioned.

Seems like in this happy universe, one where Vecna ​​never existed or was defeated earlier, not only did Eddie and Chrissy both live long enough to last the whole past year, but Chrissy dumped her boyfriend jock Jason and reunited with the lovable metalhead instead. So basically it’s the timeline of fan dreams. Barb is probably somewhere on the side and Bob is also busy working at Radio Shack.

The only thing is, fans can’t decide if they’re grateful to Van Dien for sharing this cute art or resentful that she reminded them of all the pain.

At this point, we have to hope that the final season will pull a Avengers: Endgame and have the kids travel back in time and erase Vecna ​​from existence, establishing this perfect timeline. Or that the secret spinoff the Duffers are teasing is a What if…?-style show on the stranger things multiverse. RIP Eddie and Chrissy, you deserved better.

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