Stunning Dark Souls fan art puts the most frustrating enemies in a new light

A Dark Souls fan captures the striking beauty of the Silver Knight archers that roam the rooftops of Anor Londo in one stunning illustration.

A fan of the revered dark souls The franchise has managed to shed new light on some of the first game’s most frustrating enemies with stunning fan art.

Illustrated by René Kováč (@ReneKovacArt), the stunning piece shows a lone Silver Knight preparing to strike down his prey. Players will undoubtedly recognize the intimidating spiers of the grand city of Anor Londo, bathed in the cold light of a full moon. Players who have experienced the difficulties posed by rooftop archers will be instantly drawn to the gigantic bow and arrow wielded by the silent warrior.

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The level of detail expressed in the work is impressive, as Kováč manages to capture minute details such as the raised wings on the Silver Knight’s helmet. The puffy cape and the flock of birds lean more on the natural beauty of the image, a stark contrast to the environment seen in the games. While Anor Londo appears in both dark souls and Dark Souls IIIthe nighttime setting suggests that the image was largely inspired by its design in the third game. While the architecture and enemies remain similar, the franchise’s original entry features an Anor Londo seemingly experiencing a sunset perpetual.

René Kováč is a talented illustrator and concept artist who has created several stunning pieces dedicated to a variety of popular video games. These include titles like Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty and FromSoftware’s next role-playing game Ring of Elden. Kováč is open to orders from fans looking for a fresh perspective on some of their favorite games.

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Originally published in 2011, dark souls is widely regarded as one of the most influential and important games in recent history. While it debuted to controversial reviews due to its jerky performance and punishing difficulty, FromSoftware’s flagship game has finally found a wide audience that loves its challenging combat and intricately designed world. The game proved so successful that it spawned two sequels which, although both held in high regard by gamers, failed to match the popularity of the original title.

While the franchise is widely considered dormant following the launch of dark souls 3fans looking to experience a similar dark and grotesque world can look forward to the launch of Ring of Elden. FromSoftware’s latest RPG is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on February 25th.

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