Stunning The Witcher fan art beautifully captures Geralt and Ciri

The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia and Ciri come to life straight from the page in this amazing piece by artist DrawingPurrr

just like The last of us fandom and many more, the witcher fandom is full of incredibly creative artists. Whether it’s cosplayers taking on Geralt, Yennefer, or Ciri, the talent that emerges from this dedicated community never ceases to amaze.

The wonderful duo Geralt and Ciri from Netflix’s The Witcher have been recreated and put an artistic twist in possibly one of the best and most realistic pieces of fan art we’ve seen.

Ring Elden | Live Action Trailer

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Ring Elden | Live Action Trailer





Self-taught Italian artist Francesca Servadei, also known as DrawingPurrr on Instagram, produces realistic and traditional digital art for clients around the world.

Draw anything from cute cats and frogs to V from League of Legends, Servadei’s talents know no bounds. This time they take on the dynamic duo of the witcher series that aired on Netflix last year. The digital designs completely capture the intense vibe of the pair in a smooth, classic black and white style.

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Showcasing their work on Reddit, commenters couldn’t get over how amazing and real Ciri looked with one Redditor exclaiming, “It’s digital?! I thought it was a realistic graphite drawing on paper lol. Well made, looks gorgeous!” and another saying, “Gorgeous, pristine, a true work of art. But seriously, I love this picture! It’s so awesome! “.

For those interested in knowing how the drawing was made, Servadei uploaded a quick paint video showing how they made the realistic black and white digital portrait of Freya Allan as Ciri from the Netflix TV series. the witcher. The drawing was made in Photoshop with Wacom One.

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