Super Mario, Steven Universe characters celebrated in blue-themed fan art

A new piece of mashup fan art features some of pop culture’s bluest characters, like My Life as a Teenage Robot’s Jenny and Winx Club’s Bloom.

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A new piece of mashup fan art features some of the bluest characters in pop culture, from beloved franchises like Super Mario Bros., My Little Pony and Steven Universe.

The image was posted on Twitter and features a wide variety of characters: Princess Rosalina of the Super Mario Bros. games can be seen in the upper corner next to two Lapis Lazuli of Steven Universe and Gumball Watterson of The Amazing World of Gumball. Jenny from My life as a teenage robot and Cassandra of Tangled: before always after figure in the center of the artwork, and Bloom from winx club and Rainbow Dash from My friendship with my little pony is magic add some tonal variety with their vibrant hair/mane colors. Further emphasizing the blue theme, the image caption features song lyrics from Eiffel 65’s iconic hit from the late 1990s, “Blue (Da Be Dee)”.

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While commenters were quick to praise the artwork, with some even posting clips from the “Blue (Da Be Dee)” music video, they also pointed out that some very blue characters are notably absent. These include Sonic, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Smurfs, Bloo’s Foster’s Home for Imaginary FriendsBubbles of The Powerpuff Girls and Gir of Invader Zim.

Mashup art is a popular way for fans to pay homage to multiple properties, and this blue-centric piece is just a recent example of the genre. For example, professional decorator Mingjue Helen Chen posted a photo that merges that of Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Moon Knightand artist Bruce McCorkindale have created a fusion of The Muppets and the 1987 horror classic Predator.

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Of course, fans aren’t the only ones creating content that leverages the strengths of crossovers and mashups. Some film scholars cite German-language film serials Arsene Lupine versus Sherlock Holmeswhich came out in 1910, like some of the earliest movie crossovers, but the crossover genre didn’t really become a trend until the 1940s. Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man, Abbott and Costello meet the Invisible Man and House of Dracula all came out during this period.

A notable recent example of official cross media is MultiVersusthe next fighting game from Player First Games and Warner Bros. Shaggy and Velma’s scooby-dooArya Stark The iron Throne and Garnet and Steven of Steven Universe onere some of the confirmed characters in the game, and according to data mines and fan speculation, characters like Harry Potter, Naruto, King Kong, Johnny Bravo and the Iron Giant could also appear.

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