Tesla fan page relentlessly mocks insanely stupid post

Thanksgiving is upon us – and that means endless stretches of crushing traffic jams, if you live in a busy metropolitan area.

But Tesla fans have a solution in mind: endure the same crushing traffic jams, except underground.

“This reality is insane and here we are in 2021 and that has not been resolved,” said the Twitter account of the Tesla Silicon Valley Club wrote, accompanied by a video of a ABC News helicopter flying over a traffic jam in Los Angeles. “Thanking for the efforts of The Boring Company [and] Elon Musk will erase hours of missed lives by sitting in traffic. “

The tweet even invokes Musk himself.

“It’s either traffic forever or tunnels,” he wrote in answer. “Try our first operational tunnel in Vegas at the convention center!” he added, referring to his Boring Company tunnel transporting visitors from one side of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other.

Twitter users immediately fired back, stating the obvious: the post was stupid, as it’s unclear how expensive underground tunnels will solve the problem. Changes in public infrastructure, whether above ground or underground, and significant investments in public transport are needed to reduce the number of cars on the road – neither is really taken into account. account by Musk’s vision.

The reality is that the Boring Company was a big disappointment. The original vision of its Las Vegas tunnel of high-capacity pods transferring crowds of people underground at lightning speeds has been watered down considerably to the point where individual Tesla sedans have to queue to take small groups of visitors to their destinations. .

“More space for cars does not solve the problem”, one user wrote. “Electric cars do not solve this problem. You have to give people an alternative other than driving.

“No car tunnel would ever solve this problem,” said city planner Brent Toderian responded. “Nor better cars. “

“The only things that could be pricing mechanisms that actually charge the full cost of driving, combined with attractive alternatives in the way we move,” he added. “Neither of what Musk sells.

Many others were quick to point out that the obvious solution was invented over a century ago with the advent of the metro. Even conventional overhead trains are much better equipped to reduce congestion on the roads.

The debate revolves around one of the trickiest puzzles facing the United States today: The appetite to invest in a sufficiently extensive rail system is not huge in the United States, which means that the the country’s obsession with cars is far from over.

The Boring Company’s original vision was a high-capacity underground pod array, sold as a flashy render of 2018, but we haven’t heard of any concrete plans to make this a reality yet.

In Musk’s defense, even simply connecting the Las Vegas Convention Center to major hotels and the airport subway – plans the Boring Company just got approval for, according to Musk – could have an effect on reducing traffic congestion in the city.

But ironically, Musk isn’t on a mission to encourage people to ditch their vehicles. He is actively selling them the dream of having their own electric car – which will inevitably be stuck in traffic when the holiday traffic jams hit.

The bottom line: Without enough incentives for governments to invest in public transportation, Americans are doomed to find themselves stuck in apocalyptic traffic jams year after year, whether they’re sitting in a Tesla or whatever.

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