Thai dramas “Nitima” and “Not Me” inspired by GOT7 fanfictions

To think fanfiction would inspire actual production and creation of dramas seems a distant sight. However, GOT7’s fanfictions spawned two Thai BL dramas. For strangers, BL means Boy Love, or in simpler terms, a love story between two men.

In particular, fans found the Thai dramas Nitima (or Nitima The Series) and Not Me similar to GOT7 fanfictions, eventually noticing that the drama series is based on fanfictions.

Ever since TikTok user @minlytix brought it to the attention of Ahgases (GOT7 fandom), the entire fandom has collectively gone berserk at the scenario never imagined.

Latest BL Thai dramas are based on GOT7 fanfictions JAY B and Jinyoung, and Mark Tuan and BamBam

Thai BL dramas have been on the rise in recent years, drawing millions of viewers around the world. The cliched romance, but with two men, the prospect of normalizing relationships without anyone in the fictional or real world judging them, is refreshing for fans. Even so, no one was prepared to be surprised to have two dramas based on GOT7’s fanfiction.

In AU (Alternate Universe) stories, fans love to send two members of a K-pop group story together and weave delicate, fun, and sometimes grown-up fan stories. TikTok user @mintylix, who watched Nitiman the series, posted a meme about the show’s resemblance and fanfiction online about frontman JAY B and Jinyoung.

Meanwhile, another action drama to come, Not me, is based on a famous Thai BL fanfiction starring BamBam and Mark Tuan.

Nitiman was released in March 2021 and has only had ten episodes, while the fanfiction created by @ Joell55 on Wattpad is ongoing. The series stars Jom Thanathorn Khuankaew and Noh Phouluang Thongprasert as Jinake / Jin and Be Bomb / Bom, respectively.

The name of the fanfiction, Nitiman: the Society and Lover, is also quite similar to the series. The story is heavily inspired by JAY B and Jinyoung from GOT7, whose friendship has long been talked about in the city of Ahgase.

The popularity of GOT7 in Thailand is no joke. BamBam, the rapper, is from Thailand and is considered the Thai king of K-pop. With such fandom power, Ahgases also discovered that an upcoming show titled Not me is based on a GOT7 Thai BL fanfiction. Only this time, the story is about BamBam and Mark Tuan. Not me features a thrilling and suspenseful action story that will be released on December 12, 2021.

The discovery of GOT7 fanfictions turning into BL dramas elicited some funny reactions from fans. Check out a few below.


omgg may bl drama based on a Got7 fanfic

wdym a bl drama adapted from a got7 fanfic?! ??! ??

@doublebeom So I watch Nitiman without knowing it was based on a GOT7 fanfic sgwxvhwgvehxtewvgveh

During this time, Nitiman is available for free on the WeTV channel and PlanT.N Entertainment on YouTube. Not me Also scheduled to air soon on GMMTV’s YouTube channel.

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