Thanos finally meets a worthy opponent in this awesome fan art

Avengers villain Thanos meets Star Wars villain Darth Vader for a fan art showdown that unites popular Disney franchises.

Thanos Darth Vader Star Wars Avengers

A fan of pop culture has made impressive digital works of art that combine The Avengers and Star wars through an encounter between Thanos and Darth Vader. Thanos is the infamous Mad Titan from the Marvel comics who is responsible for destroying half of the universe, while Darth Vader is the chosen one of Star wars responsible for bringing balance to the Force and killing nearly every Jedi in the galaxy.

Both have committed massive amounts of genocide, but both are the top 10 Avengers and Star Wars fan favorite villains due to how difficult it is to defeat. Both are dreaded, deadly, and don’t back down easily. Darth Vader was considered unmatched and nearly unstoppable during his early years, and he is often considered one of the most powerful users of the Force.

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In the comics, Thanos was often able to fight multiple Avengers at once, including heavy hitters like Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. The Avengers the movies did a good job of showing how tough Thanos was, as he made his way through each of the Avengers like nothing had happened. Ultimately, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were successful in defeating Thanos and his army, but it was several years before the team found a solution to undo the decimation caused by the Mad Titan. The victory was also not without a loss, as Iron Man and Black Widow, and possibly countless others, were killed defeating Thanos.

The work of guido.psd looks amazing and will be part of the artist’s ‘vs’ series, which features characters from alternate universes clashing through digitally drawn fan art. Many fans love to debate the question of “who will win between …?”, Which is why Marvel’s What if…? the series is doing well. It explores the questions everyone has about events that haven’t been seen in MCU canon.

When it comes to this piece of art, it is very difficult to say who would actually win as there are a number of circumstances to consider. If Thanos had the Six Infinity Stones, it’s hard to see how Darth Vader would win when Thanos can literally make him disappear. However, Darth Vader possesses the ability to manipulate force, which Thanos cannot, and in that regard, Vader would just break his neck and get on with his day.

It’s very cool to see fans arguing in the comments section about all the technical details about who would win or under what condition. That being said, take a look at the artwork and think about who the vote should go to. The artist also has more fan-made artwork, including posters and other fun designs.

The Avengers aD Star wars movies are now showing on Disney Plus.

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