The Batman: 10 Best Pieces of Fan Art on Reddit

With the announcement that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will once again be prowling the soggy streets of Gotham in The Batman sequel, it’s a great time for Redditors to celebrate with a variety of fan art. Set in Year Two, Bruce Wayne donned the cape and cowl, with a rough battlesuit, unpolished moves, and a Gotham rotting under corruption, Matt Reeves’s The Batman has a unique aesthetic that stands out in the Caped Crusader franchise.

As distinct as Batman is, so are his allies and enemies. Catwoman is a vengeful anti-hero far from the childish thief she is in later years, and The Penguin, a bulbous second lieutenant of Carmine Falcone, has yet to take control of her criminal empire. The rich world that Reeves has created offers myriad ways for Redditors to add to The Batman legacy with their own unique fan art.


The Batman takes flight

Batman flying over Gotham City in Batman Reddit fan art by Zealousideal_Way_165

Pattinson’s Batman took punches, wasn’t always able to land with his grappling hook, and convincingly showed a crime fighter early in his career, bloodied and bruised but still fighting. It made fans all the more willing to root for him when they caught a glimpse of the superhero he would one day become.

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This piece published by Zealousideal_Way_165 depicts a mighty Batman high above Gotham City, surrounded by a swarm of bats, looking confident and determined, as if challenging the viewer to doubt him. Is this the next evolution of Batman? Only later and time will tell.

Bruce Wayne in the rain

Bruce Wayne silhouetted in rain in Batman Reddit fan art by GracieWart

Some Batman fans weren’t used to seeing a young and discouraged Bruce Wayne shy away from public appearances, visibly uncomfortable the few times he assisted them as a representative of Wayne Industries. Pattinson’s socially awkward Wayne was a far cry from the charming philanthropist necessitated by his crime-fighting double life.

GracieWart not only captures the melancholy aspect of struggling Wayne, but also the great noir tropes found in The Batman; the falling rain, the dim lighting and, with the presence of Riddler and Catwoman in the background, the pervasive sense of dread.

The Batman Players

Movie poster collage for The Batman Reddit fan art by lodgiko

As the film primarily focused on Batman being the world’s greatest detective, great care and detail went into the making. The Batman feel like a mystery, with fans following Batman as he unravels the web woven by The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman and Carmine Falcone.

In this piece of fan art, Lodgiko uses movie poster composition to great effect, bringing all The Batman characters against a backdrop of evidence from Batman’s investigation, from Riddler’s Darkroom to various Wayne Manor arson newspaper clippings to maps of Gotham City.

The car scene

Batman silhouetted by flames in The Batman Reddit fan art by kimbulabanis

One of the most thrilling action sequences in The Batman involves an adrenaline-pumping car chase through the streets of Gotham City as Batman pursues The Penguin. Penguin thinks he’s killed The Bat when he sees the Batmobile engulfed in an explosion, only to have his silhouette seen against a wall of fire, a harbinger of doom slowly heading towards his enemy’s car.

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Kimbulabanis captures the very moment Batman emerges from the flames, no longer seen as an inexperienced young man in a suit, but as a death-dealer for Gotham’s villains. It’s easy to believe that when the light reaches the sky to this Batman, “It’s not just a call. It’s a warning.”

The Joker

The Joker smiling at Arkham Asylum in the Batman Reddit fan art by loganmochaelphilips

The Batman chose not to focus on the Dark Knight’s nemesis, instead revealing at the end of the film that the Joker was already locked up in Arkham. In a deleted scene, fans could see Batman interrogating him for information on The Riddler, even though much of his face was blurred.

Loganmichoalphilips meticulously recreated what the Joker might have looked like had fans had a clear vision, and the result is a dark nightmare. Although his trademark smile is present, wild eyes, tousled hair and pancake makeup complete the look of this potential villain for The Batman after.

The Riddler

The Riddler's arrest as Batman Reddit fan art by raamimaleks

Batman’s power lies in his anonymity, much like The Riddler’s, until he is unmasked in the film’s finale. With his serial killer-like pathologies drawn from Calendar Man and The Zodiac Killer and his self-righteous sociopathy acknowledged by Gordon, The Riddler was a fascinating foe, and Paul Dano established himself as one of the best Riddler actors.

Here, raamimaleks has carefully recreated the restaurant scene when Riddler is handcuffed, and his face is ultimately revealed to be eerily similar to one hundred thousand similar faces across the country, all biding their time to tackle perceived injustices.

The Batman is a man on a bicycle

Batman on his batcycle in The Batman Reddit fan art by Ryan Smallman

One of the most interesting things about The Batman is that Bruce Wayne uses his motorcycle to do nighttime reconnaissance and is actually only riding Batman when he last encountered Catwoman. The pair ride in tandem to the outskirts of Gotham, where she leaves to pursue a different life and he returns to fulfill his promise as defender of the city.

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This piece of fan art by Ryan Smallman (who would later be drafted to create licensed Batman artwork for Warner/DC) and published by gaitanapg10 shows Batman on his Batcycle, which is a cobbled-together beast from many parts; the back of a Ducati, the front of a Harley-Davidson FL Softtail, the inverted forks of a Fat Bob. It’s a young man’s project bike still finding his bearings, shown here as wild and unpredictable as The Bat himself.

Batman in flames

Batman standing in flames in The Batman Reddit fan art by jappylemon

Filmed mainly at night in muted tones, The BatmanThe palette of seems to evoke the void of light found in orphan Bruce Wayne, the troubled Riddler, and even the heart of Gotham City. The only instances of brightness came during fire trials, Batman’s explosive car chase with The Penguin, and in the final scenes, when Batman’s flare launched a beacon into the darkness.

The Batman is one of the darkest Batman movies of all time, but jappylemon made the Dark Knight shine using Procreate and True Grit brushes. Here, engulfed in flames, he is a symbol of terror for his enemies, hope for his allies and rebirth for himself.

Bruce Wayne in the Wayne Mansion

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in Wayne Manor for The Batman Reddit fan art by William Gray

The Batman may not have the best Batcave (it’s in a train station), but its Wayne Manor (actually Wayne Tower) is a kaleidoscopic Gothic fortress. Like the prodigal son who stalks Byzantine hallways and parapets, Bruce Wayne must learn to preside over his inherited estate without the comforts of childhood around him.

In this portrait by William Gray, posted by criesforcolour, Bruce Wayne is seen standing in the old Wayne Manor, a painting of his parents behind him and a bust next to his right arm. Clearly a homage to previous Caped Crusaders, this bust can be seen in the 60s Batman TV series starring Adam West being used to enter the Batcave. It’s a beautiful look at what Wayne might have looked like if tragedy hadn’t struck his home.


Batman silhouetted by the moon in The Batman Reddit fan art by Panos-Stamo

Reeves’ movie definitely has a gritty aesthetic, and the color red dominates everything The Batmanit is marketing. Red often represents passion, anger, and in Batman’s case, revenge. Perhaps each film in Reeves’ planned trilogy will have a different color, with the next sequel possibly even choosing blue as a symbol of hope and transformation for Batman.

Looking at the crisp lines of this Panos_Stamo fan art titled “Vengeance”, fans can almost hear Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack from The Batman go through a synthesizer. Reminiscent of the high-contrast, visually minimalist style of 80s Patrick Nagel and the artwork of Batman: The Animated Series, the piece is wonderfully brutal and elegant, just like the film and the character it is based on.

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