The infamous ditch in Benton, Arkansas invites a fan page

BENTON, Ark. – It’s a hole with its own fanbase, the so-called “Sonic Ditch” in Benton, attracting many cars to its watery depths.

But the constant crashes led to the creation of her own Facebook page and a group of neighbors dedicated to making fun of the phenomenon.

The ditch is right next to the Highway 5 Sonic entrance, with many cars driven into the drain instead of a stall. The event is so common that it even created its own fan page.

The hole attracts its fair share of cars. For neighbors like Tyler Jamison, frequent accidents have become somewhat of a local phenomenon.

“I would call it the caveman ditch,” Jamison said. “It seems pretty iconic for collecting cars over time.”
Jamison stops for a drink almost every day. He says there is about a one in ten chance that a car will end up in The Ditch on any given day.

The dangerous hole claimed so many victims that a Facebook page was launched in its honor. The group has over 3,000 members and counts, including Benton’s neighbor Israel Alvarado.

“I joined about a week ago and thought it was the funniest thing in the world,” Alvarado said.

He saw endless abandoned cars, explaining, “We actually post in our family group chat all the time whenever we see a car go by.”

But Alvarado is not alone; The Ditch has so many followers that he has become an icon in his own right. And while the city has put up reflective poles to try and stop the chaos, fans of the hole are hoping there won’t be any abandonment of this infamous ditch.

You can check out the full Facebook page HERE

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