The Matrix meets JoJo’s bizarre fan art adventure

A piece of art depicting Trinity and Neo from The Matrix perfectly captures the style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki.

As the release date of Matrix resurrections approaches, a piece of fan art shows The matrix Hirohiko Araki characters Jojo’s bizarre adventure artistic style. The mangaka is widely known for incorporating strong inspiration from pop culture and fashion throughout Jojo’s bizarre adventure. This work of fan art is not only a true testament to The matrix characters Trinity and Neo, but also metaphorical from the previous summary of Araki’s fan work.

Jojo’s bizarre adventure debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1984 and just finished his 37-year run last August after the final chapter of Part 8 JoJolion in Ultra jump. Netflix has officially announced the anime adaptation of Part 6 Ocean of stone will be released in December alongside the spin-off OVA Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan, which premiered earlier this year. The series is known to have characters who reference or share similarities with pop culture icons such as Prince, David Bowie, Micheal Jackson, Notorious BIG, and many more. Araki’s brilliant art style lives on not only in the popular manga series, but outside of it, as he has drawn other popular series in his art style, including Fist of the North Starit’s Kenshirô, Narutoby Naruto Uzumaki, cover by Anthony Horowitz Alex Cavalier novel, and The matrixit’s Neo himself.

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The fan art was drawn by artist Veneranda Tianero who posted the commissioned piece on their Reddit. The matrix the characters Trinity and Neo are depicted in Araki’s most current art style, as seen in later parts of the Jojo’s bizarre adventure manga like part 5 Golden Wind, Part 6 Pierre Ocean, Part 7 steel balls, and Part 8 Jojolion. Trinity is positioned behind Neo in a protective pose with short hair slicked back while pointing a gun at her face. Neo wears his iconic long trench coat and pampered hair while the two characters wear their basic sunglasses.

Fan art not only kept Araki’s artistic style in mind, but also mangaka’s appreciation for pop culture. Back in 2003 after the premiere of the Matrix trilogy films The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions, the mangaka also drew Neo fighting alongside Part 6 Ocean of stone main character Jolyne Cujoh in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The artwork, like Tianero’s fan art, shows Neo striking a pose in his famous all-black outfit and sunglasses while firing his two guns. Jolyne is positioned under Neo’s bullets as if replicating Neo’s iconic dodge bullets scene from the film.

Veneranda Tianero’s fan art really illustrates Trinity and Neo’s relationship, as shown The matrix movie theater. Given that Trinity would do almost anything to protect Neo, the fan art represents this by having Trinity the only one with a gun and her hand resting protectively on Neo’s heart. In addition to the art of being at Araki’s Jojo’s bizarre adventure style, the link to Neo’s previous drawing from the magaka only adds to the beauty of this fan art.

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Source: Veneranda Tianero

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