The Witcher 3 Player shares beautiful Triss Merigold fan art


Witcher 3 fan creates an amazing tribute painting to fan favorite supporting character Triss Merigold in her DLC dress.

the witcher 3 triss dlc outfit

The witcher The series is home to a whole world of interesting characters that players have come to know and love. Through three major installments, the series introduced memorable characters such as Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Triss Merigold. A player has chosen a side in this love triangle in The witcher and brought Triss Merigold to life in an awe-inspiring painting.

Triss Merigold has been a large part of The witcher series from the start and works as one of the most memorable supporting characters. Throughout the games, players encounter this character on several occasions and she is known for her magical prowess and optional romance arc in The witcher series.

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Players and fans of The witcher the series should immediately recognize this painting creation by u / ComfortableAny528. Triss Merigold has a pretty recognizable look and this artist did a great job translating that to canvas. Although there are disagreements between The witcher books, games, and show about the appearance of the characters, for those who have played the games, this painting is a great match. The character’s memorable red hair has been recreated perfectly and it looks like u / ComfortableAny528 went with Triss’ DLC outfit for this painting. The perfectly painted green dress is only eclipsed by the cool witchcraft action Triss does in the paint. The colors are amazing and overall this painting expresses the mystique of Triss Merigold quite well.

Paintings with this amount of detail require both immense skill but also an immense amount of time, as u / ComfortableAny528 notes. On their post, they mention that it took between 8-10 hours of work to complete this painting of Triss.

For some fans, the only thing that takes away from this awesome painting is Triss Merigold’s choice of outfit. This witch has a whole collection of outfits and this DLC dress is far from the most recognizable. On top of that, many players won’t see this as lore-abiding as Triss Merigold is said to have battle-scarred chest in The witcher series.

Then again, this painting is instantly recognizable even to casual fans of The witcher. The entire canvas matches the game’s design pretty well for Triss Merigold. Regardless of the outfit choice, however, u / ComfortableAny528 did a great job recreating this great supporting character on the canvas.

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