These screenshots show tweets posted from Sonu Nigam fan page accounts

Screenshots of the tweets allegedly created by singer Sonu Nigam are widely shared on social media. They are visible here and here. In these tweets, Sonu Nigam declares that he will boycott the KBC shows of Amitabh Bachhan and Big Boss by Salman Khan. He also claims that some Bollywood henchmen are threatening him for his tweets in favor of Sushant and Kangana. Let’s check the claim made in the mail.

The archived version of the articles can be viewed here and here.

Claim: Sonu Nigam tweets about the boycott of the Bollywood star’s shows and the threatening appeals of Bollywood henchmen.

Do: These tweets are posted from singer Sonu Nigam’s fan page (parody) accounts. Sonu Nigam does not have a Twitter account. Therefore, the allegations made by the post are FALSE.

Searching for singer Sonu Nigam’s official Twitter account, it turns out that Sonu Nigam does not have a Twitter account. Using the usernames mentioned in the screenshots, we found the accounts that posted these tweets on Twitter. They can be seen here and here. These twitter nicks clearly mentioned in their profile that these are the fan page accounts (parody) of singer Sonu Nigam.

Sonu Nigam’s sister Teesha Nigam confirmed in a Tweeter that Sonu Nigam is not on Twitter. Sonu Nigam himself made it clear on his official Facebook page that he did not have a Twitter account.

Sonu Nigam spoke out against Bollywood’s ‘Music Mafia’ following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In an interview with the “Times Now” news channel, he said that “power play and nepotism exist in Bollywood”. He also said in the interview that he believes all the allegations made by actress Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood. However, screenshots from the viral posts show tweets from Sonu Nigam’s fan page accounts.

To sum up, the tweets about boycotting star-studded Bollywood shows and threatening appeals from Bollywood henchmen were posted from Sonu Nigam’s fan page accounts.


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