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Would you be more open to discussions about the public vs private prison system if they came out of the mouth of Rory gilmore? If so, we recommend this Twitter account. There you will find that carceral geographer and prison Abolitionist Ruth Wilson Gilmore found an unlikely mate on a certain TV show named after her. The concept is simple: Quotes from Ruth Wilson Gilmore together with stills of Gilmore Girls.

The account was opened in June, when indulge in frivolous television the escape could potentially give the impression that they were turning a blind eye to the civil unrest in this country. This account, however, dared to merge radical ideas with comfortable entertainment. What if Paris Geller examined the perils of neoliberalism? what if Kirk gleason was an outspoken abolitionist?

Gilmore Girls, of cours, offers more in coffee that matters mass imprisonment and law enforcement. The Mayberry-esque town of stars hollow at correct a prison cell. In one season, Agent Weston fails stop a group of travelersling musicians because he is unable to carry them on his bike. In another case, Rory is served with 300 hours of community service after steal a yacht.

Juxtapose such a world with the work of Ruth Wilson Gilmore, an activist specifically concerned by abolition of prison. She is credited with inventing the study of carceral geography, which aims to examine the complex relations between institutions and incarceration, and she co-founded, with Angela Davis, Critical resistance, an initiative to put an end to the industrial prison complex. His book, Golden Gulag, which is often referenced on the Ruth Wilson Gilmore Girls page, explores the accumulation of prisons in California.

But why should the two Gilmores be combined? In his bio, @rwgilmoregirls reminds us that “it is good theory in practice for those engaged in the spectrum of social justice struggles to discover unexpected sites where their agendas line up.” So why not reimagine Emily Gilmore as a radical call to dismantle our police and prison systems? It is praxis.

It reminds a little of the #WokeCharlotte memes of 2017, which gave the most tense and rigid Sex and the city character a socially conscious makeover by combining photos of her with made-up quotes calling his friends about their offensive behavior. Like #WokeCharlotte, Ruth Wilson Gilmore Girls partly works like a wish for those of us who have always thought that Lorelai should have been anti-capitalist.

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