This tweet about the farmers’ protest is made from a fan page (parody account) by Ranjan Gogoi


The screenshot of a tweet purportedly made by former Indian chief justice and Rajya Sabha member Ranjan Gogoi is shared on social media. In the tweet, Ranjan Gogoi alleges that farmers protesting the new farm laws are in fact enjoying the benefits of “Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana”. Sharing this tweet, one user claims that Ranjan Gogoi has become a BJP puppet and criticizes farmers. Let’s check the claims made in the mail.

The archived version of the article can be viewed here.

Claim: The tweet from former CJI and Rajya Sabha member Ranjan Gogoi highlighting the hypocrisy of protesting farmers.

Made: Former Indian chief justice and Rajya Sabha member Ranjan Gogoi does not have an official Twitter account. This tweet is produced by a fan page (Parody) account of Ranjan Gogoi. Therefore, the claim made by post is FALSE.

While researching the official Twitter handle of former CJI Ranjan Gogoi, we discovered that he did not have a Twitter account. Using the username mentioned in the screenshot, we find the Twitter account that made this tweet. In the account description it is mentioned as the fan page account (Parody) of former CJI Ranjan Gogoi. This user posted this Tweeter on ‘January 07, 2021’.

Following ongoing protests by farmers against new farm laws, few BJP leaders have made statements that farmers are misguided by political agendas. They can be read here and here. This post is also shared in this context.

To sum up, the screenshot of a shared tweet like Ranjan Gogoi’s is actually from a parody account.



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