Tom Araya speaks out against the Slayer fan page

I hate blaming a whole group for the actions of a few.

There is a group on Facebook that partners with my group, SLAYER, pretending to be fans, they created a sign that they use to represent themselves as SLAYER fans. They call themselves F-king Slayer Gang, [or] FSG. They came into existence about eight months ago and had approached my wife, Sandra, under the guise of a family asking for support and if she would ask me if I would also show my support by giving the SLAYER hand sign that they had invented.

After a few months, my wife didn’t like the way this group was handling her Facebook page and decided it was best to leave her group and all the other groups she was in. The conduct this band showed, and has shown, is rude, rude and disrespectful to all SLAYER and metal fans.

Now I [flashed] this sign [for a photo] in support of my wife, who later told me that it was not a good idea to associate with this group or sign, that they were cyberbullies and would attack anyone who questioned their motivations, and even went so far as to publicly attack my wife on SLAYER fan pages and metal fan pages.

It has come to our attention that they took liberties with the picture of me and my wife [throwing] the so-called “SLAYER sign” by posting these photos and asking for our support. Well, I’m here to say that’s not true. We do not support this gang or such behavior.

The metal community is a growing community of loyal fans, not just to the bands they support, but to each other.

Thank you. [via Blabbermouth]

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