Top 5 Free Fantasy Football Sites Where You Can Make Money In Nigeria


Soccer is the most popular and beloved sport in Nigeria and the world in general, which allows many fans and followers to engage in sports betting, fantasy soccer and soccer prediction. While many require you to use your money to make more money, these sites only need your knowledge of the game to make money or win freebies.

Predicting the outcome of matches is not an easy task, but some people still take the bold steps to make the calls, and end up not getting the right outcome, but when you do it right, based on their knowledge of the game. , the rewards are always huge, like that of SuperPicks and

The most exciting part about these games is that unlike betting, you can win money online from the comfort of your home just by predicting match results correctly and for free!

Below are the top five prediction and fantasy sites in Nigeria:

5.442Manager | This is Nigeria’s most rewarding fantasy football platform, where you can manage your dream team and earn big bucks at the same time. You don’t have to bet against all odds and waste all the time, you have the option to pick your own super team and the actual performance of the players on your team will earn you money. To join, all you have to do is visit here, compete with other players in real time and you can win up to one million eight hundred thousand naira (# 1,800,000) in the millionaire competitions around the world. weekends and up to two hundred and seventy thousand naira (# 270,000) in midweek promotions.

4. Superbru | is a free prediction and fantasy game with over 80 tournaments in 10 sports each year. It is a proven, sticky, popular play models that have been refined over time to capture the essence of following sports as diverse as soccer, golf, and motorsport. It’s great fun and it’s the perfect way to follow sports with your friends or colleagues.

Users can register on the web or play on our iOS and Android apps.

3. Fantasy Premier League (FPL) | Fantasy Premier League is a unique fantasy football game which allows football lovers especially English Premier League fans to buy players from any club and you get points based on player performance . Simply visit to register for free. There are weekly winners, who receive goody bags, and two overall league or cup winners.

2. MY11 | is a fast growing prediction and win website, which allows players to predict for free and have a chance to win up to one hundred thousand naira (# 100,000) per week. All you have to do is register for free with your email address at and start betting and you have a chance to win the weekly prize. The 11 best players are selected each week. You don’t need money to predict or win. Register and start forecasting here.

You can view your performance in the leaderboard, earn wild cards which improve your chances of winning by doubling your points on each correct prediction, make educated predictions using the tips feature on the platform.

This platform also offers a community for football fans as you are added to a group for your favorite football club, be it Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU, etc. where you can joke around and share your football opinion with other pros. You can also follow my11 on Instagram to be part of the weekly social media giveaways as well.

1. SuperPicks | SuperPicks have the biggest price pull and the biggest money saver. All you have to do is register for free with your phone number at and start betting and you have a chance to win fifty million naira (# 50,000,000) or one million naira (# 1,000,000) weekly for the person with the best prediction (if no one gets all six correctly). Simply predict the right scores for six (6) selected matches, and if you get the right results, the grand prize is yours. You don’t need money to predict or win. Register and start forecasting here.

What are you waiting for? Put your football knowledge to the test now and start playing for nothing and making money.


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