Twitter reacts after David Crosby shows his disapproval of fan art

David Croby was unimpressed with a recent fan portrait of himself, but Twitter was unimpressed with his response.

Crosby became a hot topic on the social media platform after he shaded a painting the fan created of Crosby, Stills & Nash founder.

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The fan sent his best wishes to Crosby with an artwork they created, writing, “Hi @thedavidcrosby I hope you’re doing well. I took a picture of you…. Thanks for the music”

Crosby didn’t appreciate the painting as he tweeted: “This is the weirdest painting of mine. I’ve ever seen…..don’t quit your day job……”

His response drew a lot of reactions from users.

One fan tweeted, “quite disappointing from the guy who sang Heart of Gold”.

Another fan responded to Crosby saying, “Apart from the fact that it makes you look young and happy and not just a human fart with wrinkles, I find it aesthetically appealing.”

“This is the weirdest reaction to a fan trying to do something good that I’ve ever seen. … don’t quit your job, David Crosby … but maybe stop being a mean asshole on Twitter “, wrote a third.

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Another explained: ‘Well they say life imitates art, but this portrait of David Crosby is much more visually appealing and likeable than the real guy!’

Meanwhile, HBO Our flag means death star, Damien Gerard, also rang to defend the fan. He tweeted: “David Crosby’s shitty attitude towards a fan who took the time to create a work of art highlights a very real problem, which is that many people in positions similar to him don’t care. not hurt others. Don’t let a decrepit voice like his keep you from sharing your authentic self.”

Even Wonder Woman, Lynda Carterweighed in, shaming the singer for his blunt response, “Life’s too short to be mean to strangers online.” She suggested that Crosby should “go out and look at some trees.”

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Many users also showed their love for fan art. One user praised the fan article, writing: ‘Your work is beautiful and exemplifies the man David Crosby can only aspire to be, while another added: ‘I would be so excited to get something like that from a fan.

And yet another pointed out how authentic the piece looked, noting: “I thought it was stained glass. It’s brilliant. Ignore his stupid comment and go read how many people are blown away by your work instead. . And how many thousands of people have now shared how awesome your art is. It kicks ass.”

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A little positive never hurt anyone!

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