Unique fan art combines Mass Effect with 007

A talented fan shares art that mixes female character Shepard from the Mass Effect series with James Bond in a cool reimagining.

mass effect fan art 007

The release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition breathed new life into an already beloved video game franchise and with it comes a resurgence of incredible fan art. A creative fan decided to take an interesting direction with his fan art, mixing Mass Effect with james bondseeing an opportunity with the title of a recent 007 movie.

Mass Effect is a third-person shooter RPG series developed by BioWare where the player character can be a male or female version of Commander Shepard. It takes place in the distant future where humanity has allied itself with alien races and colonized the Milky Way galaxy using technology left behind by an ancient alien civilization. the 007 The films are a classic franchise originally based on the works of author Ian Fleming which follows the missions of an intelligence agent working for MI6 called James Bond.


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Reddit user Finn_Flame shared fan art where artist CrystalGrazianoArt toyed with the idea of Mass EffectThe Shepard wife in 007. The art is a reimagining of the movie poster for the 2015 film Spectrum with a blond-haired Shepard standing in place of James Bond. She wears a black outfit with a watch and gun holster, similar to the original poster version, but she wears the red and white N7 stripes on one sleeve. She holds a pistol as the title is placed in front of her, with the N7 logo emblazoned with a pistol on the “7” as the signature 007 logo, as well as a fictional release date of November 6.

From building Normandy in LEGO to art like this, fans of the Mass Effect franchise are a seriously creative bunch. This art, in particular, is particularly clever in using Shepard’s status as a Human Specter in reference to a 007 movie of the same name and using the same logo script.

In the Mass Effect series, “specter” is an abbreviated form of special tactics and reconnaissance where agents who hold this rank have extraordinary authority given to them by the Citadel Council. Commander Shepard was the first human to win this title in the history of the galaxy. This concept empowers players to take on the role of Shepard with more freedom in the game world.

With a brand new Mass Effect game on the horizon, with a new dragon age also in the works, BioWare has a chance to redeem itself after the failure of Anthem returning to reinvent its most popular franchises. Until more information is released on these two games, fans can rest assured that the fan art and other creations will be there to keep the love alive for this iconic sci-fi franchise.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: DeviantArt

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