We all love fan art inspired by “Our Flag Means Death”

In today’s crowded media landscape, it’s hard for a new series to break through. But David Jenkins Our flag means death has already made waves by giving audiences something they didn’t know they wanted: a historical gay pirate romantic comedy.

The slow-burning relationship between “co-captains” Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Taika Waititi) made the subtext entirely text-based, delivering a gay love story free of queerbaiting assumptions and flashing. Our own Kaila Hale-Stern wrote, “Perhaps the best part of showcasing queer love here is how natural and easily accepted it is. By its very existence, the series may be making a political statement in our world, but in the quasi-historical universe of Our flag means deathbeing queer is exactly who you are.

And Edward and Stede aren’t the only queer couple on the show. Other relationships include Oluwande (Samson Kayo) and non-binary hacker Jim (Vico Ortiz), as well as Lucius (Nathan Foad) and Black Pete (Matthew Maher). Few shows have given us so many authentic queer love stories, and we’re here for it. Our flag means death inspired fans around the world, who shared their fan art online. Here are some of our favorite pieces inspired by OFMD; every day, this magnificent collection grows.

There are simply too many beautiful pieces to fit in one article. It’s been a minute since a series has inspired such artistic production, and we honestly swoon over these talented artists and their works. Now all we need is an announcement for Season 2!

Do you do Our flag means death fan art? Do you watch the show? Let us know in the comments!

(images: HBO Max/Rachel Leishman)

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