Weibo bans BTS fan page with 1.1 million followers amid crackdown on celebrity culture in China


China’s crackdown on celebrity fan culture has now reached South Korean boyband BTS. The country’s social media platform “Weibo” banned a BTS fan page on Monday over allegations of illegal funds. The fan site focused on BTS member Jimin is reported to have been raising funds illegally, days after photographs of a custom plane funded by the fan club were posted online. BTS’s fan page, which was banned from posting for 60 days, has more than 1.1 million subscribers on Weibo.

China’s entertainment industry has seen a major upheaval this year as Xi Jinping hopes to reintroduce “nationalist” culture as part of his “Communist Revolution 2.0”. The reason behind the sudden strangulation of celebrities and entertainment companies was evident in a recent statement from the Beijing Bureau of Radio, Film and Television which urged the industry to maintain and promote “socialist values. fundamental ”. The government has called talent shows and internet users’ obsession with idols and actors “unhealthy fan culture.”

China bans “sissy men” from television

Earlier this week, China banned men it considers “effeminate” from appearing on state television to promote its “revolutionary culture” to the people of the country. Officials believe Chinese pop stars are imitating “skinny, makeup men,” a prototype that has gained popularity in South Korea and Japan. Beijing’s celebrity crackdown saw the fall of top Chinese stars from rapper / actor and former EXO member Kris Wu to actor Zhang Zhehan and billionaire actress Vicki Zhao whose credentials were completely erased from the sites video streaming.

Even reality TV shows have not escaped the shock. In May, China decided to give “iQiyi” a boost, which was billed as the Chinese equivalent of Netflix. The app has been banned from hosting any “idol contest” programs, including its hit “Youth With You,” in which interns undergo a rigorous boot camp-like environment under the guidance of mentors. such as Lisa from Blackpink.

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