What are the best sports betting sites to bet on F1?

Formula 1 has suffered a mixed reception among fans with rising and falling popularity over the past 40 years. The 1980s saw fantastic rivalry between top drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Alan Prost.

And the addition of Michael Schumacher in the early 90s gave viewership figures a huge boost as he also entered the fray.

But the excitement started to slow down in the late 90s. There was still some amazing talent on show. But fans felt aggrieved as some teams advanced further than others thanks to increased funding and better technology at their fingertips.

This began to change with the introduction of restrictions and fixed 3000cc engines which helped bring back an essence of competition between the various teams. Admittedly, cash flow still plays an important role in which the F1 team has the upper hand. But the gap has been somewhat bridged.

There’s a lot more chance now than there has ever been for smaller teams to benefit from a little more equality and breaking into the mainstream. In fact, top drivers such as Fernando Alonso have moved on to less well off teams in an effort to ride out the initial storm as they develop their cars and can eventually start fighting for podium places.

Formula 1 betting action

Having a flutter on an F1 race is much more popular when the race result is hotly contested. And changes to modern Formula 1 regulations have helped boost the online betting action that follows the sport so closely.

The past two years have seen an increased interest in the sport. And with this, the markets available on gambling sites have also increased.

The 2021 season has seen Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen go head-to-head in one of the most exciting and hard-fought championships the sport has ever seen. And that paved the way for a new generation of F1 Fans.

As a result, renewed interest in F1 betting has emerged.

No one imagined the end of season 21 that we experienced. And some bettors have made big money by putting in cash to show they were confident in their predictions.

Most bookmakers offer a small range of F1 related bets. But others have seen a surge in popularity and have begun to introduce much more varied markets to attract crowds of gamers.

So who do you turn to for your F1 bets? Casino.xyz is a good source to discover new betting sites. But to give you a brief idea of ​​what to look for and where to turn right now, let’s take a look at some of the sites that offer the most exciting and varied play options for the season. future.

Access to all the best betting sites is possible via the link mentioned above. Moreover, you will also find amazing welcome offers available for new customers by following the information described there.


One of the best known betting sites is Betway. This bookmaker has been around for over 15 years and features a huge range of sports stocks. But one of the areas they excel in is the F1 betting section. Before the start of the season, you will find early odds available for both the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship.

But at the start of the season, you will also get great markets focused on each race.


For a brand with a few more years under their belt, you might want to check out Unibet. This leading bookmaker offers an unrivaled selection of sports betting options. They have all the regular F1 markets and plenty of extras to add to the roster. Check out the new bets that pop up from time to time during the season.

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