What does Facebook consider proper documentation for a fan page name change request?

Fan Page Name Change Request Documentation Requirements

Because I help a lot of Facebook Business (Fan) Page owners with the submission part of their Fan Page Name Change Request

I am often asked what is required for sufficient documentation to get approval.

There are two key requirements for obtaining approval and you must cover BOTH bases when submitting your application:

1) Your “lack of confusion” Explanation

You need to explain to them how you have already ensured that your fan base will NOT be confused. Explain how long it’s been since the name change, explain the changes you’ve made to the page, and explain how it helps your fans find you. Facebook is very protective of ALL fans and they just want to make sure the fan is treated well.

2) Your commercial documentation

Facebook doesn’t tell us much. However, after submitting over 50 requests over the past few months for various pages, here are the things I saw.

First, we start with the “blurb” that is on the name change request itself:

This shows pretty clearly that anything we could easily produce ourselves is NOT acceptable documentation and a utility bill would work.

The documentation must clearly indicate the DESIRED name and business address.

However, this remains quite vague.

Fortunately, the Facebook fan page name change support staff provided us with additional specifications for the necessary documentation they want to see.

This answer is pretty clear on what kinds of documentation will work.

It also makes it reasonably clear that any page that violates the Terms of Service by operating as anything other than a licensed commercial entity (and that specific name) will not be accepted.

I hope this will help you prepare the documentation to ensure the success of the petition for the renaming of your FB fan pages!

PS: For the benefit of those who cannot read the images… Acceptable documentation includes: (1) A utility bill from your place of business (2) Your local business license (issued by your city, county, state , etc.), (3) A tax record for your business, (4) Certificate of Incorporation (of a legal partnership), (5) Articles of Incorporation (of a legal corporation).

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