X-Men Fan Art teams up with Sailor Moon and the Marvel Mutants

Sailor Moon and X-Men were huge staples of nerdy ’90s kids on Saturday mornings, and artist Waldo Irby finally came across them in some gorgeous fan art.

Talented Twitter artist Waldo Irby has created a ’90s kid’s fantasy with a new track from fan art representing the characters of Sailor Moon and x-men charging fiercely into battle together. Both properties started out as comic books and involve a group of young idealists with fantastic powers fighting for peace and protecting their loved ones, and their quintessential ’90s vibes really make them the perfect mix of crossover characters.

American versions of Sailor Moon TV show and X-Men: The Animated Series both were created in the early to mid-90s and quickly became staples of most kids’ Saturday morning cartoon blocks. While Sailor Moon started as a Japanese manga and x-men started out as an American comic book, both struck a similar place in the hearts and minds of 90s kids, and chances are if the kid was watching one, they were also watching the other. While Sailor Moon has undergone many adaptations and revivals, x-men was recently announced to return to Disney+.


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Now the beautiful stylized art of Waldo Irby, displayed on his Twitter and Tumblr, is titled “Sailor Moon X” and shows the main characters of each heroic team battling an invisible enemy, perfectly showing how these two teams would work awesome together in battle. Irby’s beautiful design uses one of the best X-Men team rosters, the one most closely associated with the 90s animated series, consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, and Rogue. Irby chose to include Sailor Moon in her piece along with her two castmates Sailor Mercury, an incredibly intelligent young woman whose powers are tied to ice and water, and Sailor Jupiter, commonly considered the “muscle” of the team as she super possesses the strength and powers associated with both plant life and lightning.

Waldo Irby made a lot of brilliant creative choices in his fan art, including putting Sailor Moon and Cyclops front and center as the leaders of each team, but especially his choice to pair Storm and Sailor Jupiter. Both of these characters use lightning as one of their primary abilities, and the art depicts Storm casually throwing Jupiter lightning bolts to use against their unnamed foe, a perfect collaboration between two iconic female heroes. While Sailor Moon less-than-subtle LGBTQ+ presence has been censored from its Western broadcast, both Sailor Moon and X-Men: The Animated Series were a wake-up call for many young gay men, and seeing these two iconic teams team up would be a real joy for gay fans of the legendary heroes. Although Irby did not use the exact X-Men costumes from X-Men: TAS, he still assured they were 90s-appropriate, using Wolverine’s maroon outfit from the X-Men arcade game and depicting Jean Gray with her modernized Russell Dauterman look which was clearly inspired by Jean’s 90s looks. With X-Men: The Animated Series be restarted in the near future, and Sailor Moon having experienced a resurgence with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal mid-2010s is honestly the perfect time for such cool fan art to come out.

At Waldo Irby’s fan art of Sailor Moon and the x-men teaming up to defeat an unknown villain is not only beautifully illustrated, but also fuels nostalgia for kids of the 90s, so be sure to check out his Twitter to see more of his great work!

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Source: Waldo Irby

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