XXL partners with Fanpage to launch its first NFT

The XXL Freshman Class 15-Year Anniversary NFT was created to showcase the collective success of the 159 artists who have been inducted over the past 15 years and have helped shape the rap genre. The NFT is minted on the climate-sustainable Polygon blockchain, which is 99% more carbon-efficient than Ethereum. The NFT will unlock various forms of utility for its holders and will be made available to XXL fans for free for a limited time.

“We like XXL’s approach to entering the NFT space,” said Billy Rodgers, CEO of Fanpage. “They’re taking the first step of using an NFT to do nothing more than provide value to their fans. Along with a beautiful piece of digital memorabilia, their very first NFT will grant early and sometimes exclusive access to future drops, automatic enter contests, unlock merchandise discounts and additional free NFTs to release throughout the year.”

To learn more and claim your free NFT, visit xxl.fanpage.com

About Fanpage:

Fanpage is an NFT platform for music artists, athletes, brands, and influencers with a mission to bring NFTs to the masses. The company works hand-in-hand with creators, from concept and creation to pricing, inventory and deployment strategy. Fanpage then provides its creators with the tools to sell their NFTs directly to their fans using a simple credit card transaction, while also catering to NFT enthusiasts by allowing Fanpage NFTs to be transferred and resold on third-party markets. For more information, contact Fanpage at [email protected] or visit fanpage.com.

About XXL:

XXL is recognized as the #1 brand in rap music journalism, the #1 selling music magazine on newsstands, and one of the largest hip-hop music websites in the world. For information on XXL Review, visit http://www.xxlmag.com. For press inquiries, please contact [email protected]


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